Oh how can people eat lamb?! Or meat? 

Sitting Pretty Kitty Earrings, just listed in my etsy store!
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kitchen corner by MadAboutBlythe ( benat ) ♥ reroots on Flickr.
I won Miss Universe Swansea 2012! Now onto Miss Universe Great Britain! Im so happy and excited! 
I also raised £503 for The Haven, a breast cancer charity, I plan on raising more though! :) 
BETHISTHEREASON: If invisible children didn't spend a huge percentage

of their earnings on marketing and film making their voice’ wouldn’t be heard to the extensity that it has been. It’s so easy to not want to “jump on the bandwagon” in this day and age and it’s so easy to just simply be pretentious but maybe for once the world should take it’s head out of it’s…

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Offbeat Vintage Garden Wedding by Love Caryn Photography
Happy Valentine’s Day !
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Valentine’s Day 

erm, yes please!